15 Problems with Remote Work

Currently Missing: an honest conversation about remote work

  • Reason #1: You will have a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into if you are considering remote work.
  • Reason #2: avoiding discussion with people who have legitimate concerns about remote work is dumb. What may work for you may not work for someone else.
  • Reason #3: In future posts, I will outline ways to mitigate each of the downsides listed in this post.

1.) It can be lonely

2.) Home office & distractions

3.) Fewer spontaneous conversations

4.) It can be difficult to collaborate

5.) Career advancement takes extra work

6.) Learning & mentorship

7.) It’s easier to be sedentary

8.) Tribal knowledge & lack of documentation

9.) Conflict can go unaddressed longer

10.) You may work too much

11.) Timezones

  • Bob is working on a difficult task that requires input from Tammy
  • Bob works in California. Tammy works in Europe.
  • Bob needs to coordinate a time to talk to Tammy in real-time.
  • Bob schedules a time that is inconvenient for Tammy.
  • Tammy takes a call late at night, which is annoying because her favorite TV show is on.

12.) Technical / equipment issues

13.) Who is responsible for what?

14.) Trust, Personality, and words on a screen

15.) What is going on at work?

Wrapping up



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