FlexWork: the new rules of the modern workplace

Work changed suddenly, but the writing was on the wall

This tectonic shift is happening right now, what are you doing about it?

The secret is out in the open (for those who look)

Example #1: One of the first fully distributed companies

  • Level 0 — a job which cannot be done unless you are physically there
  • Level 1 — no deliberate effort to make things remote-friendly
  • Level 2 — everything is still synchronous, your day is full of interruptions.
  • Level 3 — being remote-first, or distributed
  • Level 4 — when things truly go asynchronous
  • Level 5 — consistently perform better than any in-person organization could

Example #2: The world’s largest fully distributed company

What precisely needs to change?

Most work right now is real-time

What the best companies do differently

It’s about picking the right communication tool for the job at hand



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Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas


Founder @ Friday (www.friday.app). Mainer. Building an operating system for working from anywhere.